International Women’s Day 2016

This is an amazing post from one of our own Birmingham Socialist Students. Happy International Women’s Day all!



I decided to celebrate International Women’s Day by writing this post about some of my ‘sheroes’.
Of course, if I were to include every woman that I think is incredible, I would still be here writing at the age of 90, so I’ve included just 10 for the time being.
Here is a small selection of women from across the globe who are doing mindblowing, brave, radical things for other women, for humanity, and for our planet.

1. Winona LaDuke, USA


Winona LaDuke, a Native American of Ojibwe descent, is an activist and public speaker. She has been involved in projects such as the Indigenous Women’s Network, and the Women of all Red Nations to help promote the rights and wellbeing of Native American women. As well as this, she has been an active environmentalist, focusing particularly on environmental issues that affect indigenous peoples. As the founder of the White Earth Land Recovery…

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