A Statement on Zero-Tolerance

As stated in the official Socialist Students aims and policies (see what we stand for here), we as a society would like to reiterate one of our most integral stances:

No to sexism, racism, homophobia and all forms of discrimination, and a no platform for fascists;

To elaborate on this, Socialist Students explicitly includes transphobia under the umbrella term of ‘discrimination’, which extends to (but is not limited to): trans-exclusionary political systems (such as TERF collectives), discrimination via dismissing trans experiences and/or opinions, purposeful flouting of preferred pronouns/names, and general insults aimed specifically at the trans community.

Furthermore, the ‘no platform for fascists’ belief can be implemented regarding oppressors of minority groups (such as the LGBTQ+ community) if and when the situation calls for such behaviour. In discussion with the LGBTQ Society’s Transgender Representative, they added that:

Many agree that no platforming should only be used in the more extreme scenarios where people could be put at risk, but fail to see/acknowledge when these cases occur (despite all efforts to detail [what makes a situation dangerous to others]), either due to ignorance, or their own prejudice.

Socialist Students would like to reaffirm that it does not support platforming speakers in situations where there is a genuine risk that the safety of others could be compromised.

Thank you.








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