About Us

We are a democratic, fighting, socialist campaign group. We campaign at universities and colleges across the city and are linked to wider socialist students campaigning across the country.

Things we fight for:

  • A fully funded publicly owned and democratically run education system at all levels;
  • No to all top up and tuition Fees;
  • For universal free education from nursery to university;
  • The introduction of a living grant for all students;
  • For an immediate raising of the EMA to £60 a week as a step towards an EMA which all students can live on;
  • Write off all student debt;
  • No to a graduate tax;
  • No to the privatisation of education;
  • No to city academies and trust schools;
  • For fully funded comprehensive schools with decent class sizes;
  • More support for the struggles of education unions and workers for better conditions and pay;
  • No to cuts and closures of courses, departments and facilities;
  • Affordable, decent quality housing for students and all sections of society;
  • Affordable provision of transport, libraries and other services in education institutions;
  • Decent food at decent prices in canteens for students and education workers;
  • A campaigning, democratic National Union of Students;
  • The fight against cuts and closures to be co-ordinated nationally by fighting student unions;
  • No to low pay, raise wages to £10 an hour now;
  • For full and fair Trade Union rights at work;
  • No to sexism, racism, homophobia and all forms of discrimination, and a no platform for fascists;
  • Defend democratic rights and civil liberties;
  • No to ID cards and police racism;
  • For the right to protest and organise politically and at all levels of education;
  • For a fully funded National Health Service and no to the privatisation of public services;
  • For a new democratic mass party of workers and youth;
  • No to war and occupation.
  • Build a democratic anti war movement in schools, colleges, universities, workplaces and beyond;
  • No to terror. Unity of workers and youth against racism, terrorism and imperialist wars;
  • For an end to capitalism and environmental destruction;
  • For a democratic Socialist world where major industries are publicly owned and democratically planned by the working class

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