Meet The Team

Meet Your 2017/18 Team of the University of Birmingham

Notes from the Socialist Students (University of Birmingham) AGM

Wednesday 15th March, University of Birmingham

Chair: Charlie Lomas

Treasurer: Anthony Downes

Secretary: Ted Quantock

Societies, Integration and Intersection (formerly ‘liberation’): Charlie Jones

Campaigns: Kai Graham and Deji Olay

All positions were nominated in unanimously, with the job roles remaining largely similar to the roles last year. The duty of updating social media has become a successfully shared role and will continue to be a collective effort. The blog continues to be edited and updated by Charlie Jones with new content welcomed from all members, both internal and external.

Meet Your 2016/17 Team of the University of Birmingham

Notes from the Socialist Students (University of Birmingham) AGM

Wednesday 16th March 6pm, University of Birmingham Arts room 119

Chair: James Brackley put himself forward for Chair, as this is a role he has been doing from the formation of the society.

Secretary: Chelsea Reynolds and Isobel Crossan Jory are running jointly for the position. Chelsea spoke on behalf of Isobel, and she and James went over the secretaries’ duty of monitoring the emails, keeping people updated and maintaining co-ordination & organisation. Chelsea said she/Isi would arrange the weekly events with Zoe. They hoped to take some of the responsibility off James. Both James and Zoe noted the secretary would need to understand the guild politics (i.e. Mini/mega forums) as well as keeping in contact with them. It was decided that having two members of the society as Secretary would enable the society to organise itself better in the new term as this was something that we decided we could improve upon from last term.

Treasurer: Calum Unitt has nominated himself for the role. Calum went on to discuss the responsibilities – mainly keeping on top of the bank account with the guild.

Events: Zoë Lomas would like to carry on with this role. The society recognised the good job she had done in the previous term. James suggested once the society is bigger, more guest/external speakers can be arranged.

Societies, Integration and Intersection (formerly ‘liberation’): Charlie Jones has nominated themselves for this role as well as being the blog manager and editor. Charlie did address concerns that while the name of ‘liberation officer’ has been changed, they will ensure the society is still monitoring the issue of safety and representation for liberation groups within the society. They reminded the society that if anyone has a sensitive topic they wish to be covered they can do this, and added if anyone feels something isn’t being monitored, to let them know so this can be fixed. James also added the name change for the position was in order to engage the different angle of struggle from people and it would be valuable to ensure that the society includes a diversity of people and experiences. Lawrence suggested the name therefore be changed to Societies, Integration & Intersection. All in attendance agreed this was suitable.

Community Campaigns: Katy Potter and Zoë have nominated themselves to share this role. Past events were discussed such as the Albert Street project and Feminist Poetry.

Social Media: Lola Ogunsanya has nominated herself. She will keep people updated on events and put forward socialist ideas via social media platforms to ensure there is an ongoing presence. James informed the group National Socialist Students will be sending out a list of useful people to follow on social media.

Election Votes: All votes were unanimous – as the society is still fairly small it was very easy to agree upon the committee roles.

Motions/Any other business:

James put forward the motion of the society backing Theo Winston (chair of National Socialist Students) who is standing as the TUSC candidate in Selly Oak. It is a call to support socialist anti-austerity candidates in May. TUSC has written to all MPs to ensure they will not be standing against any other candidate who opposes austerity. Additionally, TUSC candidates will only take a worker’s wage. Duncan suggested the society could make this part of a campaign. Paige added to this saying the group could publicise their stance/encourage people. Motion was voted on with an unanimous vote in favour of it.